TV & Film

Lincs Medical Services can provide high-quality medical coverage for TV and film crews. Whether you are looking for a medical team to stay on set for a short or long period, the professional and fully qualified team will be ready on standby should any incident occur which requires the need for medical attention.

Why Choose Lincs Medical Services

Hiring a medical team for use on a TV or film set which is filming in exposed and high-risk areas is crucial in ensuring that maximum protection for the cast and crew is provided. Whether you are filming in a studio or at an external location in England, Lincs Medical Services will offer its bespoke medical expertise and cover services, such as emergency first aid, CPR, defibrillation, health and safety assessments, fire safety and emergency medical care.

Multi-purpose Emergency Vehicle Range

With such a wide array of vehicles, Lincs Medical Services can travel to and from any filming destination. Rapid response cars are excellent for emergency transportation to a hospital for any casualties requiring serious medical attention.

Ambulances provided for use on film and TV sets possess the latest medical utilities on-board, such as oxygen supplies, IV drips & infection control kits, and are capable of housing casualties who are in need of immediate treatment. If necessary, the blue-light vehicles can travel to the closest hospital in the filming area in a fast and efficient manner.

For filming locations that are off-road, Lincs Medical Services can provide 4 x 4 emergency vehicles, capable of driving on uneven terrain whilst simultaneously ensuring maximum comfort for casualties in transit.

All vehicles are equipped with advanced safety and security features, such as safety lock systems and straps to secure the casualty when being transported to a medical facility.

Get in Touch

For a fully-qualified, professional and reliable medical team, choose Lincs Medical Services today. If you would like to enquire about hiring for TV or filming purposes, don’t hesitate to get in touch either by telephone on 0800 689 4105, by email, or by sending a message using the online contact form.