Benefit from the expertise of a bespoke onsite medical team from Lincs Medical Services for motorsport events. As car and motorbike racing is well known for its dangerous nature, the potential for casualties is extremely high. Not only are the racers at risk of injuring themselves, but the spectators and various crew members in close proximity to the track are also at risk due to flying debris and out-of-control vehicles.

Strategic Positioning for Maximum Coverage

Lincs Medical Services provides a comprehensive medical cover for motorsports events. The expert onsite team will position themselves strategically throughout the designated areas and around the race track itself, paying special attention to specific areas that are deemed by the chief of operations to be the most hazardous.

The first responders and paramedic staff will co-ordinate with officials at the event to position themselves at ideal vantage points in order to quickly attend to any injuries caused either on the track or otherwise.

Onsite Services Provided

All team members at Lincs Medical Services are fully-trained and equipped to deal with a wide range of medical assistance, so you can rest assured that any casualties will receive well-regulated and professional treatment in a fast and safe manner. If necessary, the onsite ambulances will be on standby to take anyone with serious inflicted wounds to the nearest hospital.

As well as this, planning for major incidents will be undertaken both prior to and during the event, whilst taking health and safety and fire safety into consideration. First Aid support teams will be present alongside the paramedics to ensure that any accidents can be swiftly taken care of.

Contact the Team Today

If you have any queries regarding Lincs Medical Services’ medical response team for motorsports, or if you have any other general enquiries you wish to make, you can get in touch today by phone on 0800 689 4105, by email, or by filling out the quick and simple online contact form.