Live Music / Clubs

With the increased risk in the number of injuries in and around the premises of live music events and nightclubs, it’s beneficial to have a medical team onsite in case of any injuries caused from violence, or in preparation of those who may suffer from drug and alcohol intoxication as the night progresses.

On Standby & Ready for Anything

As there is a strong correlation between recreational drug use and night-life, the Lincs Medical Services team stay up to date with the latest information in regards to what the new drugs are, what their side-effects are and what type of treatments need to be administered in the event of overdose or adverse reactions.

Experienced Paramedic Team

The experienced team of paramedics at Lincs Medical Services will provide the following services to those who require them:

  • Resuscitation
  • Safety Positioning
  • Advanced Drug & Alcohol Intoxication Counter-measures
  • Defibrillation
  • Emergency A&E Transport

As well as this, the professional onsite team will provide patient monitoring post-treatment, in order to accurately assess the best move for them to take, whether that’s assisting them in getting home, or taking them to A&E via ambulance.

Ambulances will be parked in close proximity to the club or venue and if possible, situated where there is a high frequency of footfall, so that any casualties may be instantly identified and given urgent medical attention as soon as possible.

For nightclub hire, if you believe it to be necessary for the paramedic team to assist in any medical emergencies within the venue itself, that won’t be an issue. Equipped with the latest medical first aid tools, quick pick-up and exiting of the club will be made with haste.

Get in Touch

Get in touch with the team today to find out more information about the types of medical services provided for live music and nightclub events. You can contact Lincs Medical Services via telephone on 0800 689 4105, by emailing, or by filling out the simple online contact form.