Lincs Medical Services can offer medical assistance for many different types of events that you may be hosting. The experienced and professional medical team not only provide comprehensive medical cover, but are also able to assist in other elements surrounding your event, such as health and safety, fire safety and emergency first aid.

Popular Event Medical Coverage

The team at Lincs Medical Services have invaluable experience in offering their bespoke medical expertise in regards to these unique occasions which each require certain levels of medical coverage.

Each member of the team is fully qualified and can conduct a wide range of medical services, for instance, emergency first aid, resuscitation and defibrillation. As well as this, Lincs Medical Services’ fleet of ambulances and rapid response vehicles are all fitted with the latest medical utilities and are safe and secure for catering towards all types of casualties.

Providers of Cover for Any Event

If you are hosting an event, Lincs Medical Cover is more than happy to provide medical cover for your occasion. By providing the team with prior notice and details regarding the technicalities of the event, you can be rest assured that all medical aspects will be covered and any risks will be taken into consideration, ensuring that both participants and the audience of the event can enjoy the occasion without having any concerns about their wellbeing.


If you have any enquiries you would like to make regarding the comprehensive medical cover for events provided by Lincs Medical Services, or if you have any other general queries you would like to raise, you can get in touch with the team today, either by phone on 0800 689 4105, or by email. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the quick and simple online contact form.