Event Medical Cover

When hosting any event, it’s crucial that you always take the possibility of casualties into consideration. The team at Lincs Medical Services are well-equipped to cater for all types of events, with fully-trained first responders, technicians and paramedics on standby in the event of injury.

Thorough Planning

From prior to the event, through to when the event ends, the team at Lincs Medical Services will ensure that everyone is safe and that any casualties have been attended to in a prompt manner. Choosing to book Lincs Medical Services prior to your event will allow for a detailed planning of the venue, which initially includes a full medical plan, and liaising with the local SAG (Safety Advisor Group).

Lincs Medical Services will comply and liaise with the event manager at the event. Upon arrival, recommendations for various postings throughout the site of the event that’s taking place will be made by the operating team, but will happily be positioned anywhere that you deem fit.

Event Medical Cover Services

Lincs Medical Services are proud to be able to offer a wide range of medical aid for events such as:

  • Staffing
  • First Aid Treatment Centres
  • Ambulances
  • 4 x 4 Vehicles
  • Cycle Responders Call Us for a Quote Today

Call Us for a Quote Today

If you have any queries regarding Lincs Medical Services’ event cover, or if you would like to receive an initial quote, feel free to get in touch with the team to discuss your specific requirements today by phone on 0800 689 4105, by email, or by filling out the quick and simple online contact form.

Events That LINCS Medical Services Cover

Lincs Medical Services provides medical cover for many different events and occasions. Some of the most popular requests for medical cover are as follows:


Motorsports Benefit from the expertise of a bespoke onsite medical team from Lincs Medical Services for motorsport events. As car and motorbike racing is well known for its dangerous nature, the potential for casualties is extremely high. Not only are the racers at risk of injuring themselves, but the spectators and various crew members in close proximity to the track are also…

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Live Music / Clubs

Live Music / Clubs With the increased risk in the number of injuries in and around the premises of live music events and nightclubs, it’s beneficial to have a medical team onsite in case of any injuries caused from violence, or in preparation of those who may suffer from drug and alcohol intoxication as the night progresses. On Standby & Ready for…

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TV & Film

TV & Film Lincs Medical Services can provide high-quality medical coverage for TV and film crews. Whether you are looking for a medical team to stay on set for a short or long period, the professional and fully qualified team will be ready on standby should any incident occur which requires the need for medical attention. Why Choose Lincs Medical Services Hiring a medical team for use on a TV or film set which is filming in exposed and high-risk areas is crucial in ensuring that…

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Events Lincs Medical Services can offer medical assistance for many different types of events that you may be hosting. The experienced and professional medical team not only provide comprehensive medical cover, but are also able to assist in other elements surrounding your event, such as health and safety, fire safety and emergency first aid. Popular Event Medical Coverage The team at Lincs Medical Services have invaluable experience in offering their bespoke medical expertise in regards to these unique occasions which each require certain…

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