High Dependency Transport

Lincs Medical Services provide transport and enhanced clinical caring services for patients from the high dependency unit (H.D.U.). Prior to collection of the patient, the expert medical team will liaise with the relevant professional bodies in order to obtain any information specific to the patient’s condition, such as any unique requirements or treatments that need to take place during transit.

Enhanced H.D.U. Services

H.D.U. patients will be able to benefit from a unique and advanced range of enhanced medical services that will be provided during their transport to their destination. These services, specifically tailored towards H.D.U. patients include:

  • Fully-Trained Medical Staff
    • All staff members are trained and regulated under the guidance of Qualsafe Awards.
  • First Aid Facilities
    • From defibrillation units, bandages and dressings, to accessibility equipment such as portable carrying chairs and more!
  • Oxygen Supply
    • Oxygen supplies will be on-board to cater to those individuals who require respiratory assistance.
  • Specific H.D.U. Health & Safety Considerations
    • Careful health and safety planning will be conducted in order to best suit the patient’s requirements.
  • Infection Prevention
    • Infection Containment & Control kits are included in all ambulances which are used to assist in preventing any infection from spreading around those who may have poor and weakened immune systems.

Secure, Safe & Accessible

Lincs Medical Services’ fleet of vehicles are all fitted with safety locking systems and safety fixtures as well as providing ramps on the ambulances for disabled access. For reliable and trustworthy high dependency transportation with a team of experienced medical staff who have been well-regulated to work at the highest standards and provide comprehensive care to H.D.U. patients, choose Lincs Medical Services today.

Contact Lincs Medical Services for a Quote

If you would like further information regarding the high dependency service, or you would like to receive an initial quote, you can contact Lincs Medical Services today by phone on 0800 689 4105, or by email. For a quick and simple alternative, complete the online contact form.